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Veronica Bailey

Veronica Bailey has a long international working experience, working in both the private and the public service in several Latin American countries, in Italy and in the UK. Her experience and expertise include working with groups with Refugees in Costa Rica, in Prision’s environment in Uruguay, in university settings in Argentina and Costa Rica and in Therapeutic Community settings in Italy and UK. In the UK she has worked with KCC Social Mental Health Services and also in the private sector providing psychological support and therapy to vulnerable individuals having a wide-range of mental health conditions as well as social, emotional and learning difficulties.
Veronica has been working in Therapeutic Community settings for more than 35 years. During 1988-89 she came to the UK to train as a Therapeutic Community senior practitioner within the International Richmond Fellowship organisation.
In 1991 she started working in Italy in the “Raymond Gledhill Comunitá Terapeutica” (Therapeutic Community) in Rome and while working with them she started working as staff member of the LLEs workshops, around the year 1998. Since then, she has been working as part of the INLLE team in many workshops in Italy, UK and Portugal.

5th International Mental Health Meeting of Romão de Sousa Foundation