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Ana Cruz

Ana Cruz is a clinical psychologist specialised in Psychotherapy and Community Psychology. Ana’s expertise includes addiction behaviour therapy (2001-2014) and Community Psychiatry at Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto (2015-2021). Currently, she focuses on private practice, emphasizing expanded states of consciousness and Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy at Clínica Hugo Madeira. Ana Cruz holds a PhD in Psychology, with additional qualifications in Psychodrama and Psychodance Therapy – Founding member, trainer and supervisor of the Iberian Psychodance Association Jaime G. Rojas-Bermúdez (AIP-RB) and Director of Psychodrama, trainer of the Portuguese Society of Psychodrama (SPP), also Member of the Research Committee of the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations (FEPTO-RC). She is also training in Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Holotropic Breathwork (2022-2024)

5th International Mental Health Meeting of Romão de Sousa Foundation